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Starting now, you can begin a brand new journey toward a more positive path for yourself – one that’s filled with opportunities to reflect, release, embrace, and to be empowered.

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Shatangela Gibbs, MA, LPC, SCL, NCC

Those aren’t just buzzwords or some kind of unattainable dream – you can start your journey today!

My goal as a therapist is to find solutions that work for you on an individual basis, helping you to discover the true potential of your life, so everyday can be a celebration, and feel like a real ‘breath of fresh air.’ There may be no magic button or quick-fix solution when it comes to changing things from the past that have been difficult, but what we can do is work together to find comfort and resolve in the difficult areas of your life, and the challenges you have to face. Through various techniques and long-standing approaches with proven results. I will collaborate with you to help you to identify areas of growth, discover your strengths and teach you effective skills and tools to cope with day to day life stressors.

Whether you’re looking for support or guidance through a particularly difficult time or you’re open to a real change in your life. Together, we can work to meet your goals.

There is no ‘cookie cutter’ way of doing things here at Resilience and Support Counseling. Each client receives a specialized plan that takes into account their individual needs so that achieving growth is the top priority.

The Ideal Client

Are we a good fit? The ideal client for this type of therapy will be ready for. The client will be looking for a collaborative approach to their therapy journey as it relates to managing anxiety and life transitions. While I am an expert in psychotherapy, please know that I am just a passenger with you on this journey but you are an expert of your own experiences and the driver of this bus to reaching your goals!

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